Outpatient diagnostic department

The Outpatient Diagnostic Division (hereinafter – ODD), is one of the MNI VRCCP clinical units. The Division was established within the structure of the Regional Cardiac Center (MNI VRCCP) upon the foundation of the Cardiac Center – on July 1, 2014. As one of the main clinical units, ODD provides residents of Vinnytsia and the region with consulting, diagnostic, treatment and prevention services.

The Division employs four cardiologists, a functional diagnostic physician (FD), and an ultrasound diagnostic (U/S) physician. They are assisted by five nurses, a junior nurse and two medical registrars. ODD is equipped with modern medical equipment that allows to quickly verify a diagnosis and determine the treatment regimen of patients. ODD is open for patients from 8.00 to 20.00 and provides medical care to about 100 individuals a day.

Patients referred to ODD are examined by a specialist, subjected to ECG and U/S examinations, and if necessary – to around-the-clock ECG monitoring and exercise tests, such as veloergometry and treadmill, which allow to differentiate the diagnosis, determine exercise tolerance and choose the right treatment regimen for the patient.

Working in close collaboration with the X-Ray Operating Room (XOR) of the Cardiac Care Center, the ODD specialists select patients for timely coronary angiography for the purposes of surgical treatment of patients at high risk of cardiovascular complications.

Department workers

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