Admission ward

Admission ward of the municipal non-profit institution (MNI) is an independent structural unit of the specialized medical center MNI Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Medical and Diagnostic Center for Cardiovascular Pathology, which provides secondary (specialized) inpatient, outpatient and consultative-diagnostic medical care for patients with cardiovascular pathologies.

The admission ward of the MNI VRCCP ensures round-the-clock reception of patients with cardiovascular pathologies providing them with emergency medical care (urgent patients with acute coronary syndromes, those resuscitated after circulatory arrest, with emergency arrhythmias and conduction failure, acute hypertension disorders with complicated course (except for acute cerebrovascular disorders, eclampsia), with acute heart insufficiency, care for patients with heart rhythm disorder, etc.), according to protocols of medical care approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The admission ward accepts individuals delivered by ambulance crews, persons sent for hospitalization by physicians of medical and preventive institutions, or those referred to independently. The admission ward of the MNI VRCCP is located and operates at the premises of the Division of Emergency (Urgent) Medical Care of the MNI Vinnytsia Municipal University Hospital No. 1.

The admission ward directly interacts with the Division of Emergency (Urgent) Medical Care of the MNI Vinnytsia Municipal University Hospital No.1 around the clock to provide emergency (urgent) medical care to patients with cardiac diseases admitted or referred to the ward with involvement of medical staff of the Center.

The main tasks of the admission ward are:

Admission of patients delivered by ambulance teams or those who referred directly to the admission ward being advised by consulting physicians or independently and consists of:

  • providing patients with emergency (urgent) cardiac medical care within the scope stipulated by the existing Protocols;
  • maintenance of the functions of vital organs and systems of patients before hospitalization to a specialized Division of the Center;
  • carrying out the necessary diagnostic manipulations in accordance with the existing Protocols;
  • isolation of infectious patients in boxes and providing them with the necessary medical care in accordance with the existing Protocols;
  • carrying out hygienic treatment of patients;
  • registration of patients and drawing up medical documentation;
  • addressing issues of further hospitalization of patients to specialized Divisions of the Center, referred by physicians of clinical and other treatment and prevention institutions;
  • referring patients taken to the admission ward by ambulance crews or those applied individually, which do not require further hospitalization, for outpatient treatment.

Structure of the Admission ward:

The admission ward is provided with two separate entrances: an entrance for reception of patients delivered by ambulance crews and an entrance for patients referred to individually or those hospitalized under plan.

According to the tasks and capacity of MNI VRCCP, the Admission ward consists of the following medical premises:

  • waiting premises for patients and their attendants;
  • registration room;
  • examination rooms with a procedure unit;
  • laboratory diagnostics laboratory;
  • nurse room;
  • room for hygienic treatment of patients;

The admission ward is equipped in accordance with the requirements of Order of the Ministry of Health on Approval of the Model table (list) For Equipment of Structural Units of Emergency Medical Care Institutions No.101 dated February 06, 2014.

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