Cardiology Division for Patients with Heart Rhythm Disorders

The history of the Division for Patients with Heart Rhythm Disorders of the Municipal Institution Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Diagnostic and Treatment Center of Cardiovascular Pathology begins with the Vinnytsia City Cardiology Treatment and Prevention Medical Center, which was reorganized in 1997.

Part of the medical institution is located at the premises of the Municipal University Hospital (MUH) No.1 as a Cardiology Division No.2 specializing in heart rhythm disorder. Professionals with the first in the region experience in the field of invasive treatment of heart rhythm disorders and electrophysiological research are part of the MUH No.1 team. Techniques of implanting permanent pacemakers, diagnostic and therapeutic transesophageal atrial pacing, routine electropulse therapy, and Holter ECG monitoring has been introduced into practice well while working as the Cardiology Treatment and Prevention Medical Center under the ideological guidance of MD A.H. Randin. These techniques continued to develop and improve at the premises of MUH No.1 under the leadership of the Division Chief V.P. Pylypchuk in close collaboration with the VNMU Division of Hospital Therapy led by Prof. V.I. Denysiuk.

In 2014, Cardiology Division No.2 became part of the Vinnytsia Regional Center for Cardiovascular Pathology (VRCCP) and was renamed a Division for Patients with Heart Rhythm Disorders. The Division continued to operate as a place for treatment of patients with acute and chronic heart rhythm disorder and patients with circulatory decompensation caused by various types of heart rhythm disorder. The geography of work then expanded from the city of Vinnytsia to the entire Vinnytska region and neighboring regions.

After opening an X-ray operating room with Municipal Institution Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Diagnostic and Treatment Center of Cardiovascular Pathology, the Division`s activities ascended to a new qualitative level. The procedures for implantation of artificial pacemakers continued to develop fueled by close cooperation with thoracic surgeons, cardiac surgeons, and invasive cardiologists; the technique of cardioverter defibrillator implantation was mastered; the technique of coronary artery revascularization in patients with arrhythmia and underlying coronary insufficiency began to be widely used. The Division plans to introduce endocardial electrophysiological examination of the heart and treatment of arrhythmias using ablation techniques in the near future.

To date, the Division for Patients with Heart Rhythm Disorders employs 10 doctors, including 3 higher category cardiologists, 13 nurses and 8 junior nurses. The Division is the base of the Department of Hospital Therapy No.3 under the leadership of Prof. V.P. Ivanov, who provides the Division with necessary consultations. An integral part of the Division is the intensive care unit with a cardiologist on duty, capable of round-the-clock ECG monitoring and providing care in a 24/7 mode. The Division provides services to patients from all over Ukraine, both urgent and referred by primary care physicians.

The main medical and diagnostic techniques and methods used at the Division are:

  • Medicamentous and non-medicamentous treatment of acute heart rhythm disorder of various nature
  • Restoration of cardiac rhyme by pharmacological and electrical cardioversion – medicamentous and non-medicamentous treatment of acute cardiac failure with underlying arrhythmia, as well as decompensation of chronic heart failure
  • Temporary pacing (external and endocardial) in life-threatening cases of bradyarrhythmia
  • Implantation of artificial pacemakers, cardioverters-defibrillators (in cooperation with surgeons of the X-ray operating room)
  • Transesophageal electrocardiography and pacing
  • Optimization of hypertension therapy in patients with and without heart rhythm disorder, supported by 24-hour Holter blood pressure monitoring
  • Diagnostics of heart rhythm disorder using 24-hour Holter ECG monitoring
  • Diagnostics of coronary artery disease in patients with heart rhythm disorder followed by invasive treatment (revascularization) (in collaboration with surgeons of the X-ray operating room).

All physicians of the Division continuously undergo online professional training courses.

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